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I.T.S. ENTERPRISES of Companies is a well diversified group with interest in Dishwash and Phynile.   I.T.S. FOOD PRODUCTS of Companies is a well diversified group with interest in FMCG Products.   I.T.S. Group of Companies has its corporate office at Kolkata, one of the most happening places and the cultural hub of India.   I.T.S. Group is a rendezvous of thoughts, ideas and vision. Established in 2012 by Chairman Mr. Chinmoy Sarkar with a vision to conglomerate.   The Group has gone through various phases of growth and diversification.

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Prosperity and Satisfaction of Customers has been and will continue to be our top priority. We are consistently endeavoring by supplying quality material of the exact specifications at the right time.


Our marketing strategy is based on the products type and the end use segment. We adopt hybrid-marketing module comprising of direct customers approach and existing agents network.


Since, our Company is dedicated towards quality of products, it enables our Company to maintain the brand image. We have appointed various agents in domestic market to obtain regular orders.


All products that we manufacture are inspected by the Quality Control Department and the inspection is also done for both raw materials and finished products to ensure the adherence to desired specifications.


  • "ITS Group has hassle free services, prompt support and state of the art infrastructure, never let us had any problems."

    Mr. Somnath Sanyal

  • "The quality and the solutions do really work for my day to day requirements. I feel like being on top of my affairs again. Highly professional attitude and an attention to detail impressed me."

    Mr. Vinod Kumar Gupta

  • "The team was very helpful and proved to be an excellent choice mainly because my own ideas were well translated and their experience kept the project grounded."

    Mr.Raj Kumar Didwani



BESAN (Channa, Matar), MAIDA, DALIA (Fresh & Nutritions), Sooji (Fresh & Nutritions), CHANNA SATTU.


Dishwash Bar (Big, Small & Medium size), Liquied.


2 Litters, 1 Litters & 500 Mili Litters Phynile.